Love and Surrender

Discover the Simple Path to Love through Surrender

Becoming Love

It is the answer to everything about who we really are, but with what we experience in this world becoming love can be difficult. If you can be love all of the time, then you have my full regards and you may quit reading if you like. But, if you are asking yourself "How do I become love?", then this is the simplest answer I have discovered... 

1. Surrender everything in your mind.

2. Repeat surrendering until you are mindful of love.

3. Continue being mindful of love.

Now, if all of that makes sense to you then you still have my full regards and you may quit reading if you like (actually, you have my full regards no matter what :)). So, here is some Q&A to clarify things a bit...

So, what does it mean to surrender everything? Do I give up my my house? My car? My family!?

Not at all. Surrendering is giving up our mental attachment to the things of this world. To the religious, it may be putting it all in God's hands. For others it may be turning it over to the universe. Surrender means to let go of these things and have the faith that it will work out.  

How do I surrender?

It may be as simple as a mental "letting go" just within your thinking. A simple prayer like "Lord, I turn my life over to you.". can do wonders. Maybe a simple affirmation to yourself like "Everything is surrendered" is all that it takes. Taking a slow, deep breath can help.

How do I know it works?

Just try it. Your own experiences will be the proof. 

Why is surrendering the path to love?

Love is the essence of who we really are. When you surrender the outward aspect of your life you are more in touch with the inward part of you. The Bible says that God is Love (1 John 4:7-8) and Jesus claims that the kingdom of God is within us (Luke 17:21). Surrendering is getting rid of the mentality that keeps us from our mindfulness to God. 

Why is love so important?

Love is letting God out of you. God is the action of love. When we are of a loving mind the heart follows the mind. We become love and we feel the joy that comes with it. Love is sharing who we really are with others. It's our reason for being- loving all and loving what we do.

Is it really that simple- just surrendering thoughts?

Yes, but the challenge is to maintain a loving mindset once you start feeling love. It is a discipline of mind to be always open to the heart.

How long does it take to surrender?

As long as it takes to feel released from those negative thoughts. It might only be a few seconds to realize it, because once you start surrendering you'll want to keep doing it- there is a peace that will overcome you.

What about religion, books, chakras and non-GMO foods?

This is not a change in beliefs, just a change in our way of thinking. Do whatever helps you maintain a loving mind. 

Here are some helpful tips...

* Prayer and meditation- If prayer is talking to God, then meditation is listening. They both awaken our sense to surrender and love. 

* Gratitude- be thankful for this moment right now, a time that we can use to surrender our thoughts. Being thankful for the people and opportunities in our lives helps us surrender and love.

* Breathing- slow and deep breathing is calming, but with every inhale recognize you are breathing in a life force. With every exhale you are breathing out all of the negative attachments.

* Balance- don't eat, sleep, exercise, work or play too much or too little. When we are in touch with that inner-self we can know our boundaries intuitively.

*Be mindful... of your mind- if you catch yourself feeling stress, anger, fear and other negative thinking then it is time to take a surrendering moment.

"Salam" means peace in Arabic. It is also heavily rooted in the word "islam" which means "surrender". If you want peace...







Love and Surrender- finding the simple path of surrender to discover the love within us.